Grains & Fodders

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  • Alfalfa Hay

    Is a high-fiber legume forage hay that is sometimes called the “Queen of Forages.”

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  • Barley

    Finest quality barely harvested from the finest producers.

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  • Crushed Corn

    Cracked/Crushed corn does not have a high oil percentage, it is rich in both protein and fiber and is an excellent supplemental food to offer backyard birds.

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  • Meat Products

    Halal tender meat supplied in the most convenient packaging. Enhancing cooking experience by creating the most mouthwatering dishes.

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  • Nuts

    We supply premium quality nuts, rich in fiber and protein. A choice you want to make for a healthier life.

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  • Pulses and Lentils

    Our ace quality finely polished grains and pulses make the most appetizing & delicious dishes.

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  • Vital Wheat Gluten

    Vital Wheat Gluten contains Crude Protein: Min. 75 %, appearance creamy white to white, fine powder.

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  • Wheat

    Features :
    1- Rich taste
    2- Easy to digest
    3- Pure
    4- Available in various specifications & continents
    5- Available in various packaging options

    We supply superior quality Wheat feed grains. We are known for the fresh and nutritional value of procured high-quality grains sourced from renowned suburbs. These are highly nutritious and healthy.

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  • Yellow Corn

    We supply supreme quality Yellow Corn or Maize from Asia, Europe & South America continents to our clients from all over the world. We are the prominent distributors of the finest quality of the Yellow Corn Maize.


    Moisture Max 14%
    Foreign Matter Max 3%
    Heat Damaged Kernel Max 2%
    Total Damaged Kernel Max 4%
    Discolored / Immature Max 3%
    Broken Max 2%
    Admixture Max 2%
    Packing Bags / Bulk
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